Product Owner Role In Scrum – Product Owner Responsibilities

Posted on September 11, 2010
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    Product Owner in Scrum has the following responsibilities. Typically, Product Owner is like a businessman, should know the product vision, thorough knowledge of the customer requirements and how to maximize the return on investment (ROI or the profits).

  • Product Owner should have the complete product vision. Product owner could be the customer or a customer representative and it is very essential that he/she knows the customer requirements thoroughly. Product owner should know who is going to benefit from the project and how it would help the lives of the customers. Without this, product owner would add little value to the entire work happening. When the Scrum starts, the Product Owner should convey the product vision to the team and continues to update the team about the vision throughout the Scrum.

  • Product Owner should (continuously) prioritize and sequence the product backlog (wish list). Highest value adding (most wanted) features should be delivered first. This is an ongoing task, as requirements and priorities change over the time. Backlog sequencing and prioritizing need to happen before sprint planning meeting. in-other words, product owner continuously think about what is more important to customers.

  • Product Owner should maintain the costs needed and should have the right funding to keep the show going.

  • Product Owner continuously makes decisions to increase the product ROI.

  • Product Owner inspects the progress at the end of Sprint during Sprint Review meeting and has the authority of accepting or rejecting the work done in the sprint. Un-done work will need to be re-prioritized by the product owner again.

  • Represent the team to customer. Product Owner continuously interfaces with customer/stake holders and updates them on the product that is being built. He/she seeks customer/stake holders feedback on whatever that has been done. Product Owner should make a significant effort in knowing what customer/stake holders need and the right product is built.

  • Product Owner can terminate the Sprint if there is a need for a drastic change in what is being done in the current sprint.

  • Product owner should not force additional tasks to be done in a sprint. Once the team starts the work post sprint planning, product owner should not interfere with the team. He/she also should not push any additional work than that of committed tasks.

  • Product Owner should participate in Sprint Planning and Sprint Review meetings. Even though Product Owner is very busy, he/she should never miss these meetings.

  • Product Owner is ultimately responsible for the success or failure of the project.

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