Right Way Of Doing Standup Meeting (Daily Scrum)

Posted on September 15, 2010
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One of the key thing (practice) that happens during Sprint is Daily Scrum or Standup Meeting. What is Daily Scrum? What is the significance?


  • Team (Scrum Master along with the designers) daily comes together and do a standup meeting. Product Owner generally do not attend this meeting.

  • Daily Scrum is a short meeting (no more than 15 mins), not a technical discussion session. Everyone updates each other on the following;
    1. What did I do yesterday?

    2. What will I do for today?

    3. What are the roadblocks faced by me? (If any)

  • Daily Scrum gives everyone in the team to know about others and what they are doing.

  • Scrum Master listens to all the updates and records how much time needed for the team to complete committed tasks. Please note that no one asks about how much time the team or the individual consumed. It is just the remaining time needed. Scrum Master records the remaining time in hours. The same data is used to plot the Spring Burndown Chart.

  • Everyone briefly updates without being a drag for others. That is the reason why this is a stand up meeting. While standing, people are generally restless and would not waste time dragging trivial issues. Only the important matter is updated and no one is allowed to question or discuss. Scrum Master has to facilitate if the daily scrum goes out of scope.

  • Everyone is expected to join the Daily Scrum on time. No delay is tolerated. If someone comes late, he/she may have to face a gentle punishment from the team. Like singing for the team, bringing chocolates etc.

  • Scrum Master makes note of every impediments faced by the team and makes a honest attempt to unblock them. This is very essential, otherwise team may feel let down.

  • Product Owner should not come and start micro managing the team.

The real benefit of Daily Scrum is that it makes one feel embarrassed to present a same update everyday. It forces or rather encourages everyone to  perform better and better everyday. There develops a positive competition among team members. That’s when the team reaches the hyper productive state.

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